Sunday, August 26, 2012

Facebook, the Final Chapter.

I can't stand it no more. I'm bored of baby pictures, mundane updates and requests from a friends cousins neighbours uncles sister to be my new pal. I hate how people will only talk to me about work via an insecure, snooping, log everything I say website. I loathe that everyone appears to have an amazing social life when in reality they're too busy telling the world about their new shoes. In short people, I'm closing the Facebook, setting it down on the virtual coffee table and going outside for some fresh air.

I'm sure there are many good reasons people may wish to continue using Facebook but if, like me, you need some breathing space then there are two options I can share with you.

First visit this link and deactivate your account but be aware this is only a temporary solution whilst Facebook tempt you back by keeping hold of everything in your account. Simply log back in when your feeling less angry and hey presto, your back in the book as if it never slam shut. 

The second option is a little more drastic. This link will take you to the, not so easy to find, delete my account page. Bear in mind though that this still does not work as it should, for example logging back in within fourteen days re-activates your account so make sure no phone apps are trying to access your account. Also Facebook will still keep certain information, a grey area various authorities are trying to shed some light on, however you can always email and ask them just what information they are keeping about you.

As I reach the final chapter I remind you that you can still reach me on Google+ or Twitter and yes I too appreciate the irony in this last sentence.

P.S A friend once described Facebook as a place full of all the people you went to school with and Twitter as a place full of people you wished you went to school with.