Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facebook App For Android

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Okay down to business, last night whilst fiddling with my Android phone I found the long awaited Official Facebook app for android in the market. Now I'm not a big user of Facebook, I generally prefer Twitter but I thought maybe this is the thing to get me using Facebook more and to stop my friends pestering me to 'sign in' all the time. After all it was free and I love a bargain.

As soon as it was downloaded I had it up and running simply login as you would on the website. A friendly message pops up offering advice on how to get the best out of the app but I'm a bloke, I don't do instructions. Luckily I didn't need them the app is straightforward enough to use for anyone used to the Android way (i.e long pressing e.t.c).

The main display is a feed of your friend statuses with a text box at the top asking the familiar question 'What's on your mind?'. Long press on a friend and you get the option to Comment on their status, view their wall or see their info. If you press the menu button on your handset you get the option to view your own wall, share photo's and fiddle with the settings. I immediately fiddled with the settings where I discovered the usual notification options and refresh interval plus a great setting where you can shake the phone to refresh the status feed. Simple pleasures. The app does a fine job itself but the best bit are the two extras that come with it.

There is a nice looking widget that provides your friends status feed on your homescreen and then there is a very handy folder. Stick the folder on your home screen and it will display the contact details for all your friends! A facebook phonebook folder right there on your home screen! Click a contact and it sends the number to your dialer ready to call. This extra I find way more useful than the Official Facebook app itself. Or is it the 'Official' Facebook app?

Why in the market is the email contact That does not sound very Official to me. And why on does the app description say it wasn't developed by facebook? For more info on this check out Phandroid:

Either way if it's 'Official' or not it's still a very good Facebook app.

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